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Workpackage 5

WP 5 - Digital Game Based Learning

Duration: 15.03.2021 - 14.05.2023


Leading organisation: Kozminski University   


Introduction and adaptation of Digital game-based learning tools and methods:
This work package aims to develop and adapt digital gaming systems for the most appropriate and effective delivery of material produced in WP. It will extend the teaching tools inventory of the Universities in the partner countries and cooperate on the implementation, as well as improving the digital trainings capacities for Partners for academic and CPD training. It aims to provide a broad spectrum in DGBL (Digital Game Based Learning) teaching tools for university staff to choose from and integrate into their daily work and teaching program, and to select and adapt DGBL according to the needs and possibilities of the target groups. 
Validation of the chosen DGBL units will be carried out with the target groups. Best practice experiences will be exchanged between universities and train the teachers and game facilitators in effective usage and implantation of digital-game based solutions in the classroom environment will be carried out.

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