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Asian European Consulting Group




Contact person:

MMag. Christina M. Cerne


AE Consulting Group Co. Ltd

26 Ngamwongwarn 31

Tharsai, Nonthaburi

11120 Thailand


The AE Consulting-Group Co., Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand, is providing special bilateral services to enterprises and public institution in Europe and South East Asia. One of the business branches of AEC is dealing with the issues of education in the Higher Education, as well as in in the vocational education.


The AEC team sees itself as a HUB that connects companies, ministries and universities with the aim of promoting the development of modern, digital training methods that are not only pedagogically valuable but also useful for later professional life. AEC uses its excellent network to ministries, authorities and universities in Europe and Southeast Asia to ultimately promote the development and implementation of modern digital tools.


In the field of training, multinational specialists from early childhood education, vocational training and university education bring their know-how to the team. Not only multinational companies trust the expertise of AEC, but also universities and educational authorities in Europe and Southeast Asia.


Among others, AEC is specialized in supporting training and education in the food and beverage sector and the hospitality industry where it is also a personnel service provider for specialists and managers.

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