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sumo Technolgies

sumo Technologies GmbH
Lindengasse 56/18-19
1070 Vienna, Austria




Contact person: Rainer Svacinka



Sumo Technologies is an Austrian Company located in Vienna, developing, adapting, combining and providing
innovative digital and AI training solutions for business training and academic education.
Sumo has experience in working with teachers and trainers in an international environment, managing the
customization of tools to the demand of certain target groups. The tools can be integrated in different trainings
environments and settings, adapting the tools to various pedagogical approaches.
The goal of sumo Technologies GmbH is to digitally empower their partners and clients including teachers,
trainers and students. Sumo Technologies originally arose from the food sector, providing customized smart
documentation tools, platforms and trainings tools to food companies and food associations to support
interaction and knowhow exchange, data analysis, and documentation. Sumo makes use of the latest AI
technology such as IBM Watson and MS Azure to get the most out of their tools. Furthermore, sumo identifies
innovative and disruptive solutions on the market, tests those solutions and helps adapting such new
approaches to the training sector.
The sumo team is an interdisciplinary team of project managers, programmers, and trainers and teachers as
well as data experts working at the brink of the academic and the business word. The USP of sumo is the
interdisciplinarity of its team and its network, enabling them to understand the real demand and transfer it into
practical and applicable digital trainings- and collaboration tools

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