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Thai Tan

Van Nguyen photo.PNG



Contact person: Van Nguyen


Gelex Center - Room 2201,

Floor 22

52 Le Dai Hanh street

Hai Ba Trung district 

Hanoi City



Thai Tan is one of the top-300 largest private enterprises in Vietnam for 12 consecutive years. With thousands of products supplying to beer production, Thai Tan is one of the leading suppliers with all raw materials and additives for the industries of beers and beverages production in the country.


Products carried by Thaitan include, but is not limited to, malts and speciality malts, hops and advanced hop products, brewing and distilling yeasts, yeast nutrients, processing additives and ingredients, cleaning chemicals, carton glues and labelling adhesives, dispensing equipment, packaging items (such as: bottles, kegs, caps etc,). These products are partnered with world-class manufacturers of the industry from Europe, US, Australia & New Zealand.

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