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Workpackage 2

WP2 - Inspire Garage

Duration: 15.03.2021 - 14.11.2023


Leading organisation: Asian European Consulting Group Co., Ltd         


INSPIRE GARAGE: Developing a University Business education and training network. 
This work package aims to develop an approach that ensures easy reproduceable and adaptability to other sectors and content to maximize the impact. It entails the establishment of a broad network with industry and training institutions from Europe and Southeast Asia, which aims to improve teacher training with modern educational digital tools, considering the needs of industry and the SDGs of the UN.
The work package also focuses on the development of a business plan and a sustainable growth strategy to promote equal educational opportunities in the target countries using modern digital education tools, which can be used in addition to the HE institutions for teacher training as well as for training and further education in business and industry. This ensures that INSPIRE GARAGE can also offer paid training and further education courses for the private market economy and for vocational schools, which can lead to sustainable financial independence. 
The consortium within this WP will focus on the development of a certification scheme based on the European model under the leadership of a European educational authority. The purpose is to give the developed courses a higher status and to guarantee a consistently high quality of the courses. In addition, a much higher broad impact is achieved. This can only be ensured through long-term monitoring by a European educational authority, which regularly reviews the quality of the courses. The executive body that issues the certificates to the course participants should be a European Chamber of Commerce on site.
The INSPIRE GARAGE will develop a module concept for use in teacher training in close cooperation with educational institutions and business associations and to continuously improve it in the sense of a continuous development process. This allows to take in account recommendations, corporate governance, and policies for equal education under considering the SDGs.

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