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Initial situation for our project:

  •      In terms of specific training content (e.g. food and beverage related topics), much has already been done and funded in Southeast Asia through previous projects (SEA-ABT, ASIFOOD).

  •     Further content creation and training is no longer a priority, a consortium can build on the created training and the installed equipment.


  •      However, there is demand to improve the pedagogical approaches:

o Teachers reported the lack of teaching resources and problems on implementing new teachingstrategies

o Teachers are the vital component in the quest for quality education

o Pre-service and in-service teacher training is indeed needed in the teacher education curriculum

o New training methods for participative and reflective methods for teachers and trainers are needed

o Involvement and assessment of IT and new digital tools is necessary


  •      Sustainable modernisation and updating of the pedagogical and didactical training capacities of teachers and trainers in Thailand and Vietnam (on the example of selected thematic sectors)

  •      To educate academic teachers and non-academic trainers with adequate pedagogical training at different levels

  •      To better prepare students for the job market as future academic employees in hospitality-related sectors

  •      Based on the demand of different professional groups in the food sector

  •      Provide current and future non-academic company employees with didactically optimized demand-driven training

  •      Improved communication of sector specific content

  •      Contribute to the SDGs

SPECIFIC objectives:

  •      Develop and introduce new courses on participative and reflective methods and tools for teachers and trainers       as pre-service and in-service training and on different levels (academic and non-academic)

  •      Assess and Improve existing sector related trainings with new approaches

  •      Develop guidelines for the application of new educational

  •      Practically train the trainers and train the teachers:

o With new tools and approaches

o On how to use new tools

o In becoming an evaluator for the reflecting methods


  •      Develop a pedagogical certification scheme for pedagogical method application in course development

  •      Develop certification for the application of modern ICT tools     Introduce new innovative trainings tools          including serious games, virtual classroom and further gamified apps

  •      Develop an approach that ensures easy reproducibility and adaptability to other sectors and content to maximise their impact

  •      Develop an “inspire garage” as a sustainable frame for the collaboration and the trainings established


  •      Improved skills of current and future teachers and trainers

  •      Greater and improved impact of taught content

  •      Industry training needs can be better met


  •      Use of training content from SEA-ABT and possibly Asifood

  •      Use of the equipment

  •      Chula (have training centre with overnight accommodation, milk, juice, packaging)

  •      Demand in selected economic areas food industry, catering, hospitality,


  •      Teachers

  •      Coaches

  •      Trainers

  •      Students

  •      Employees

  •      Apprentices

  •      Managers

  •      Population

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