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Contact person: Frank van Baal


278 B1, Fl.1-2
Raintree Office Garden
Soi Soonvijai 4, Rama IX Road, K
Bangkok 10310,



ZI-ARGUS is an independent Systems Integrator that provides total solutions on level of Process Control, Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0, Data Center Monitoring and Smart-Building Automation to a wide range of high-performance customers within the Asia-Pacific region. For over 3 decades, ZI-ARGUS professionals execute turn-key projects in Process, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Data Center environments.

ZI-ARGUS engineered solutions are delivered utilizing products from leading international manufacturers which are combined with our professional engineering services. Services are carried out by highly trained and experienced engineers who are led by qualified Project Managers. ZI-ARGUS engineers have diverse backgrounds, disciplines and skills giving them and us a unique level of knowledge and experience which ensures that our customers receive the best solution for their specific needs and requirements.

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